Our guided canoe trip is a fantastic way of seeing the limestone cliffs and the wildlife that lives beside the riverbanks. Your guide will paddle the canoe, giving you the opportunity to sit back and relax, taking pictures in the amazing scenery of the Khao Sok Klong. Large Monitor lizards are often found by the river banks as well as an array of birds, such as the colourful kingfisher, the Chinese Pond Herron, and if you are lucky the Greater Hornbill.

Our guides only speak a little English, but they are friendly and will try their best to communicate with you, we ask you to please be patient and help them with a few words. Your guide will stop along the river and point out wildlife hiding in the long grass or trees. You have the chance to stop and enjoy a hot coffee, brewed in an open fire on the banks of the river and served in hand crafted bamboo cups (depending on the weather).