CHEOW LAN Lake Experience


Would you like to swim in emerald colored fresh mountain water, and take in miles of breath taking scenery, then say yes to the full day lake tour to Cheow Lan Lake and you will not be disappointed. Cheow Lan Lake (also named Ratchaprapha Dam) offers views to make one feel as though they are in a movie, just simply spectacular. Take an exciting Longtail boat ride from the pier of Takun;  you will have plenty of time to sit back, relax and take in the amazing scenery around you. Next you will arrive at the floating bungalows where you can relax and enjoy the views, or take a kayak and explore the surrounding area.  Dive and swim straight into the refreshing, cool mountain water and take time to enjoy your surroundings. 

Tour leaves from the resort around 9am and it takes about 50 minutes to arrive at the pier. Along the way you will  stop at a local market in Baan Takun where you can purchase snacks and drinks for the daylong journey. Once you arrive at the pier you will take a 45 minute long tail boat ride to the floating bungalows, this gives you time to enjoy the nature and scenery around the lake. Arriving at the floating bungalows, dive in and take a swim, in the cool, clean water, or simply relax by the lake, or take a kayak ride before the local Thai lunch is served around noon. After lunch your guide will take you on a trek to one of the hidden caves within the limestone cliffs. This trek is around two hours and is  suitable for most levels of fitness, if you are unsure please ask your guide about the trek. There are two options the guide may bring you to first cave called Tam Nam Lu Cave, here you will most definitely get wet, as the water can reach up to chest level when you make your way into the cave. Second option is the diamond and coral caves both are filled with stalactites and stalagmites, which are centuries old. We suggest bringing a change of clothing for this trip, as you can get wet. Shorts and T-shirt are sufficient for the hikes. A towel, closed shoes or hiking sandals are essential, sunblock, a dry bag and swimming clothing is advisable.



This overnight stay in the floating bungalows, really gives the proper amount of time to appreciate all of what the lake has to offer. After the full day lake trip, you will return to the floating bungalows in the late afternoon, on the journey back, you will try and spot some wildlife, as the daylight ends, where birds and monkeys make their way back to their nesting spots for the night. Back at the floating bungalows you will have time to sit back and relax before you are served the Thai set dinner, surrounded by the peaceful lake setting. After dinner, you can enjoy a peaceful nights sleep listening to the sounds of the lake and its wildlife.

In the morning you will head out for a early morning Longtail boat ride. Take in the views of wild macaque monkeys, gibbons, and if your lucky enough, you may spot a dusky languor. Morning is a great time to see birds and wildlife, as they start their journey to hunt and forage for food, before the heat of the day sets in.

Upon arrival back at the floating bungalows, you will be served a freshly prepared breakfast. Now you have time to relax and swim before departure. Don't forget to have your camera ready as you will be stopping at a spectacular viewpoint, before the journey back to Khao Sok.