Elephant Experience

For many people, riding on the back of an elephant in Thailand is a dream and an ultimate experience. However, there is now overwhelming evidence to support claims by animal welfare experts that this form of tourism is not only unsustainable, but ultimately harmful for Asia’s gentle giants. You can barely turn a corner in Thailand without seeing a billboard touting elephant rides or shows, but yet, the nation has yet to implement laws to protect its captive elephant population. Unknown to many travelers, newly captive and captive-born Asian elephants are traditionally subject to systematic abuse in order to “train” them to accept riders and perform shows.


We are currently working with Khao Sok’s first elephant sanctuary to build awareness and knowledge by encouraging better care for elephants used in tourism. A local Thai family rescued and cares for an elephant on their farm area. The elephant receives love and locally formulated herbs and creams, which you can help to prepare and give to the elephant. Here you can also bathe the elephant in a local stream; one of the most beautiful setting around Khao Sok. This family not only encourages guests to learn about elephants and their rights in tourism but also shares their knowledge of preparing natural remedies for medicinal use.

An opportunity to learn how to prepare and cook authentic Thai food is also available. The family will share their traditional recipes in a fun and interesting cooking lesson.


1500 baht per person for elephant experience

2200 baht per person for elephant experience + traditional Thai cooking

Please note: this experience needs to be booked well in advance

What to bring:

Swimming suit

Insect repellent
Sun protection

Included in price: 

Food and medicine for the elephant
Ingredients and instructions for the Thai cooking class
The enjoyment of your traditional Thai meal