A visit to the ancient hot spring of Khao Sok will nourish you mind, body, and soul. These natural hot springs come from heated groundwater directly from earth’s mantle. The hot spring water temperature can range from 21-50 ° C (67- 112 °F). A visit to these springs will leave you feeling relieved, refreshed, and rejuvenated. A visit to the Khao Sok Hot Springs is only possible during the dry season (November- May).


500 baht per person


16:00   Pick up at Silver Cliff Resort

16:30   Arrive at hot springs and enjoy the natural pools

18:30   Arrive back at Silver Cliff Resort



What to bring:

  • Flip flops/ sandals
  • Swimming suit/ change of clothes
  • Sun protection
  • Towel

Included in price:

  • Hot spring entrance fee
  • Transport


Note: It is very common for Thai people to swim in the hot springs fully clothed. Modesty is a normal practice in their culture. Please be sure you remain discreet and respectful.