This half day tour will let you experience life in a small market town. Here can you eat with the locals, learn about the Thai/Chinese traditional medicine and visit local school. You also have the chance to Canoe through the Mangroves to spot wildlife and enjoy a Tour the old town to see the beautiful architect of the Sino Portuguese buildings and the local Chinese Temple.

Your tour will leave Paradise Resort around 7.30am and your first stop will be at the 'Old Chinese' Drug store. This store has sold authentic Thai coffee or tea, as well as traditional medicinal herbs, for many years. Enjoy your Thai coffee or tea and learn about the many herbs and plants on sale and how they are used for medicinal and health purposes. The owner of the store will show you how to prepare traditional Chinese remedies and tell you what they are used for. 

Your next stop will be a canoe trip trough the mangroves of Takua Pa 'Little Amazon' river. These mangroves are dense and a natural home for many wild animals and birds, such as, Otters, Hornbills, and crab eating Macaque's. There are also some Banyan trees estimated to be around 300 years old in this aera.

After your canoe trip enjoy a late breakfast at one of the local Dim Sum restaurants. Dim Sum is enjoyed as a traditional breakfast by many Thai/Chinese residents of Takua Pa. You can choose what you would like to eat from a selection of specially prepared dishes and it will be freshly prepared for you.

Your tour will then bring you to the old town of Takua Pa, where you can see the beautiful architects of the Sino Portuguese style buildings. Originally a tin mining town, Takua Pa attracted traders and miners from all over Thailand, contributing to the diverse culture and design of this town. You can visit the Chinese Temple in the old town and after, visit the local fresh market.

During weekdays we can also arrange a visit to the local school in Takua Pa, where you can meet and chat with some of the students and teachers of this town.

You will be transferred back to the Resort around 1pm in time for lunch.

Please note School visit can only be arranged during weekdays and not during school holidays.